Sat, March 10th
7:00 pm - 9:00 pm
Virginia City, MT
Bozeman Region

~Celebrating Women's History Month by celebrating historical Montana women~

In recognition of March as Women’s History Month, the EHAHC presents “Climbing Mountains in Skirts”.  This program profiles three women who courageously made their mark upon Montana history:

Dorothy Eck 1924-2017 (social activist and long-time MT legislator)

Martha Edgerton Rolfe Plassman 1850-1936 (first woman editor/publisher of a MT newspaper)

Mildred Walker 1905-1998 (author of several books, including Winter Wheat which was a One Book Montana selection).

Presenting the stories of these women are Doris Fischer of Sheridan, MT, Erin Leonard of Virginia City, MT and Ann White of McAllister, MT.  

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