Distinctly Montana Choice

Wild Places

Montana State Parks


What You Get:  

• Park List and Descriptions (54 Parks)

• Locations by Region and GPS

• Events & News

Cool Feature: Search Parks by Activity—From archaeology to windsurfing (who knew?); shows road distance from your location…trail guides included.


Merlin Bird I.D.


What You Get:

• Location Mapper for Sightings

• Bird Pack load specific for your location

• 700 Species List with Audio chirps, tweets,
quacks and calls

Cool Feature: Bird I.D. Build your bird sighting by identifying size, color, bird activity (swimming, soaring, fence-sitting, etc.) = LIST of possible birds.



$2.99 (upgrade to SUPERMASSIVE observations)

What You Get:

• 37,000 Night Sky Photographs; 2.5 Million Stars

• Listen to the stars (mellow-space vibes)

• Mythology & Constellations

• Notifications for satellite and astronomical events

Cool Feature: Set location with a tap and hold your phone to the sky for a view of the seen and the unseen. Switch on night vision for infra-red view.


Weather Underground


What You Get:

• 250k weather station data

• Standard and satellite maps

• Hyper-local weather forecasting

• Interactive radar, maps and widgets

• Severe weather alerts

Cool Feature: Personalize your own weather and related conditions menu.


Montana Fishing


What You Get:

• Fishing access locations mapped statewide,
prepared by Katie Gibson & Scott Bischke

• Water flow rate and temperatures

• Fishing shops tagged and shuttle availability

• Boundary map for public and private lands

• Fishing regulations and current fish
stocking activity

• 360 back country lakes

Cool Feature: Designed to work offline except for real-time USGS stream flow data. No time to waste when fishing.




What You Get:

• Trail stats: Live location-topo and
satellite, distance, elevation
gain, ETA stats

• Download topo maps and identify cell coverage locations

• Live tracking…let others see your GPS location

• Record and save your trail data

• Rescue advice!

Cool Feature: Safety contacts are notified when you are past due from your trek.


Oh Ranger


What You Get:

• Comprehensive database of thousands of national
parks, state parks, national forests, wildlife
refuges, BLM sites, US Army Corps recration areas
and many public lands

• Destination descriptions on a location basis

• A list of 30 categories for available activities
on a location basis…family friendly!

• Keep track of your favorite places and share with family and friends.

• Search-friendly by location

Cool Feature: Automatically suggests best activities for your park choice.


MDT Travel


What You Get

• Official road app of the Montana Department of
    Transportation/specific for Montana

• Daily road conditions by region, construction projects,
    falling rock, road incidents and still camera images

• Weather related road updates…winter road conditions
    updated twice daily

Cool Feature: Detailed information for amenities at alphabetical highway rest stops.