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Franklin Robbie, Robert McFarlane, and Carl Orth founded the Yellowstone Boys Ranch in 1956.  When Robbie, after several years as a pastor and regional director for Youth for Christ, visited the Montana State Industrial School and saw young juvenile delinquent boys housed with older criminals, he determined a need. In June of 1957, the first boy was welcomed at Yellowstone Boys Ranch.  Girls came to the ranch in 1980.




The primary focus of the Reflective Care Program is enhancing the relationship between caregivers and children in care in support of optimal development. Caregivers must observe and reflect upon, interpret and make meaning of the behavior that they observe in the children they work with. Reflective Care considers that all behavior has meaning; the aim is to cultivate flexibility in thinking, sensitivity to feeling states, and strength in relationships. It brings developmental theory, relational assessment, and clinical treatment to the care setting. Caregivers work to understand a child’s capacities, how they form relationships, how they communicate, and how they regulate themselves.  They seek to create a safe and secure environment for a child’s optimal growth and development.

Community Based Services offers a continuum of care for children and families, which includes services in homes, schools, and communities. The School Based Services (SBS) program provides mental health care, a free service to schools, and currently serves schools located in: Billings, Lewistown, Roundup, Shepherd, Lockwood, Laurel, Columbus, Red Lodge, Livingston, and Dillon.  YBGR provides a Mental Health Therapist (LCPC/LCSW) and a Behavior Specialist to provide mental health services within the school/community/home settings year round.  The main goal is to keep at risk youth in their primary setting. 

Residential Programs is a nonprofit, fully accredited, comprehensive mental health service organization providing psychiatric residential treatment for emotionally disturbed youth. YBGR youth may access a variety of services including individual cognitive-behavioral, family, recreation, and equine therapies. Special education programming is offered through the campus educational facility, Yellowstone Academy. Youth can be involved in additional programs including chemical dependency, transitional services, competitive athletics, outdoor recreation, community service, and spiritual care. YBGR serves boys age 6-18, and girls 12-18. Youth are housed in one of our eight Residential Lodges and are supervised by a 24-hour a day residential staff trained in Therapeutic Crisis Intervention. 



Residential Programs, 406-655-2100

Community Based Services, 406-245-2751