5 Great Mobile Apps for Montana Outdoors


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Outdoor Recreation

Montana State Parks


What You Get:  

• Park List (54 Parks)

• Locations by Region

• Events & News

Cool Feature:  Search Parks by Activity—From archaeology to windsurfing (who knew?); shows road distance from your location;trail guides included.


Merlin Bird I.D.

FREE (upgrade available)

What You Get:

• Location Mapper for Sighting

• Bird Browser

• Facebook Feed

• 400 Species List

Cool Feature: Bird I.D. Build your bird sighting by identifying size, color, bird activity (swimming, soaring, fence-sitting, etc.) = LIST of possible birds.



FREE (upgrade available)

What You Get:

• Measurements for distance, speed, pace, elevation gain, and tracking of over a dozen Montana-ish activities. Running of course, but also skiing, hiking, swimming, and wheelchair travel.

• Logs your workouts and play-outs weekly, monthly and annually

• Sets Goals

• Training Guides

Cool Feature: Sorts data by activity and emails you reports.  Congratulates you on your workout.  No more excuses!




What You Get:

• 37,000 Night Sky Photographs

• Listen to the stars (mellow-space vibes)

• Mythology & Constellations

Cool Feature: Set location with a tap and hold your phone to the sky for a view of the seen and the unseen. Switch on night vision for infra-red view.


Scats and Tracks (of the Rocky Mountains)


What You Get:

• Pics and descriptions of (you know what)… and tracks as well

• 70 species of critters endemic to Montana — from the shrew to the griz

• Each animal description includes pic, tracks and trail markings, s**t (scat), stride, habitat and “other signs”

• Full tracking glossary from dewclaws to cough pellets

Cool Feature: Explore your inner Jim Bridger by recording your sightings and sharing them with friends.